Earned Value as a Key Performance Indicator

In the dynamic world of construction projects, staying ahead of cost and schedule overruns is a constant battle. Traditional methods like budget tracking and milestone checks offer a limited view. This is where Earned Value Management (EVM) steps in, providing a powerful tool to assess project health and predict future performance. Why is Earned Value… Continue reading Earned Value as a Key Performance Indicator

Cost Breakdown Structure in Construction Projects

Navigating the Financial Maze of Construction Projects: Embracing the Power of CBS-Driven Budgeting Software In the dynamic and demanding realm of construction, cost management or cost control stands as a pivotal pillar for project success. Juggling a myriad of expenses, fluctuating material prices, and unforeseen challenges, construction professionals face a constant battle to keep their… Continue reading Cost Breakdown Structure in Construction Projects

Why Earned Value Management is important

What is the Eeaned Value Management? Earned value is a project management technique that helps measure project performance by comparing actual progress against planned progress. It provides a quantitative assessment of how much work has been completed on a project and how much it should have cost at a particular point in time. Therefore, EV… Continue reading Why Earned Value Management is important

Budgeting for Small Construction Business

Without money, construction projects will never begin. The construction management process is powered by money. Therefore, one of the most crucial steps in building a construction plan is creating a construction budget. What Is a Construction Budget? A construction budget is an estimation of the amount of money needed to complete a construction project from… Continue reading Budgeting for Small Construction Business

Earned Value Management

Monitor Project Performance Using Earned Value Management Earned Value Management (or EVM) is a technique widely used for measuring project performance against the project baseline, in most cases the original budget. A crucial Key Performance Indicator (KPI) The earned value calculations is a top priority for studing among all project managers that want to get… Continue reading Earned Value Management

Construction Cost Management Guide

The Four Major Steps of Cost Management Following The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), which is the guide considered to be the bible of project management theory, reffers to cost management as a four processes operation. As a construction project starts from scratch to develop, the sequence that follows brings the project from the planning… Continue reading Construction Cost Management Guide

Construction Cost Control

What is cost control? Why Cost Control with Rabio? An article for cost control and software using cost breakdown structure (CBS) based on Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

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