Budgeting Software

In this post we are going to see why Rabio is a smart solution when you need a Budgeting Software for your personal or your business needs. What is Budgeting Software? Budgeting software is any computer program that helps an individual or business to design, manage, monitor and alter their budget. Is Rabio a Budgeting… Continue reading Budgeting Software

Adding Budget Records

Rabio is open-source software that was designed to manage and control budgets, their costs, and produce reports based on a flexible cost breakdown structure. It is budgeting software and it is distributed for free. After setting new centers and new categories you can start adding budget records. In this short video, you can watch how to add Budget Records.… Continue reading Adding Budget Records

What are managers in Rabio?

Managers in Rabio is an innovative approach in the structure of a business budgeting software. Understanding and using managers in Rabio can help you do more with your budget and costs. In this post, we are going to introduce you to one of the fundamentals of Rabio structure which are Managers. Managers in Rabio are… Continue reading What are managers in Rabio?

Why use Rabio software on your business?

For any modern business, organizing the information produced by everyday operations is a challenging task. Choosing the right data information system, adopting it in the daily routine and making it operational is an investment that could give a boost in controlling financial activities like budget, costs, etc. For sure the daily data production in the… Continue reading Why use Rabio software on your business?

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