Open Source Budgeting Software

If you need an open source budgeting software for your business or financial projects then Rapid Busines Information Organizer or Rabio could help you.

Best Open Source Budgeting Software

The basic version of Rapid Business Information Organizer is an open-source budgeting software designed to organize projects and control their financial activities like budgetcostsearned value, forecast, projection, etc.

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Do more for your business with Rabio Pro Budgeting Software

Business Budgeting Software

Take control of your business budget using Rabio with the flexible Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) of cost centers, cost categories, and the addition of tags. Powered by a relational database you can do budgeting for your business even for big amounts of data avoiding limitations of other software tools.

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Government Budgeting Software

Rabio is a budgeting software that is using the Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS). When it comes to government budgeting it is easy to customize using Cost Centers and Cost Categories and control budget, costs of government services.

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Cost Control Software

Manage your Cost Control operations using Rabio data structure and flexible reporting system. Is it a construction project, a business project or a government project then try to do cost control with Rabio

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Project Management

When it comes to data processing for project management, the flexible structure of Rabio can easily integrate with various data sources, manipulate data and produce accurate reports and extend the way you work adding new capabilities like Gantt Charts.

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Rabio is Open Source

Rabio is an open source software and it is distributed for free under the GPLv3 license.

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Try Rabio with Online Demo

A live demo is available for any visitor. You do not have to install anything on your computer or server. Just try Rabio using the online demo, available 24/7.

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best open source free budgeting software
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