The Product Manager’s Guide

When a product is developing from start to finish the Product Manager is the center of work. Everything is under the supervision of the Product Manager and a new book is here to help.

Why do so many people want to become product managers? What’s so special about this job? And more important, once you are one, how do you do the job well?

A new guide for Product Management

In this book, you’ll learn how to do the full job of product management:

  • How to build a product vision,
  • How to validate your ideas,
  • How to influence the organization, and
  • How to land great products

The Product Manager’s Guide focuses on building a product vision and validating it throughout the product development life cycle, and influencing within an organization to land products and effect change. The book is for current and aspiring product managers and anyone who works with them. It’s also for anyone interested in strategy and leadership.

The Product Manager’s Guide is available on Amazon as an eBook, paperback or hardcover.

The author of the book is Daniel Chak who is a Managing Director at JP Morgan and previously, Daniel was at Group Product Manager at Google.

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