Database VS Spreadsheets

Working in the IT sector as a Software Developer, there were many times that I faced series of problems from my clients. Most of the problems were caused because of not good use of spreadsheets like Excel, Lotus Notes, Open Office, Libre Office, Google Sheets and many more. The problems occured as time passed and spreadsheets were called to handle big sizes of data. They started good and did all the things they were designed to do, but when data sizes explode they could not handle them because they were not designed to do so. In the other side databases were designed to do exactly that .

What are Spreadsheets?

Spreadsheets are computer programs that were designed and developed to arrange data in a series of rows and columns. In an electronic document format all of the data is stored in individual cells. In many cases spreadsheets are often compared to electronic ledgers.

What are Databases?

Databases store and gather information from external tables using relations, instead of storing data in individual cells like spreadsheets do. In general the structure of databases is very flexible structure, giving more options for storing, evaluating and utilization of data.

Are Spreadsheets so bad?

Off course not. In any way spreadsheet are not bad. Much of my work is kept on spreadsheets and I use lot of them in many platforms. But there are limits while using spreedsheets that we are going to explain in this article. Spreadsheets are part of computers and modern business life since 1979 where the 1st spreadsheet program, Visicalc was written for the Apple II computer. During the 80s became the standard for many uses. They helped a lot of business to join the digital world and transform their way of work. But as many of the small business were growing, their data also were growing and spreadsheets reached very soon their limits.

Why Databases are better than Spreadsheets for Business Budgeting?

When it comes to control Business Budgeting it is the time to choose between Spreadsheets and Databases.

Spreadsheets are very good for storing and manipulating smaller data sets. This is good when you are starting but time will not be by your side in this case as data will grow.

If you’re looking for a solution that allows handling of big data sizes and is able to deal with more complex information and automation, then it is better to go for a database solution.

If you’re ready for a robust data management solution, learn more about Rabio Business Budgeting Software.
Rabio is a an open source tool than can help your business store information at scale so that your data capabilities grow alongside your business.

Is Rabio a Business Budgeting Software with Database?

Rabio is open-source software that was designed to manage and control budgets, their costs, and produce reports based on a flexible cost breakdown structure. It is a budget management software with a strong database and it is distributed for free.

You can easily use it for your personal needs or your business. Using Rabio ‘s managers system you can design and control your budget and compare it with costs at any time using the easy reporting financial system.

Furthermore you can alter your budget or create forecast and projection managers and compare new data with original budget.

Rabio Demo

You can check Rabio by viewing the demo which is available 24/7.

To access the demo just visit Rabio demo page here

Database VS Spreadsheets, read which one is better and when sould you use them for your business budgeting needs

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