Small Business Budgetary Control

Budgetary Control with Rabio is easy and efficient for small business. Rabio can be used for easy project management, team communication, collaboration workplace are all included within the open source platform. No matter what the budget control task is, get it done more efficiently with Rabio being the main Business Budgeting Software for your business.

What is Budgetary Control?

A series of practices inside businesses known as “budgetary control” is used to make sure that an organization’s actual income and expenses will closely match its financial plan. Foolowing this financial control approach normally entails assigning managers their own financial goals and providing them with a set of incentives that kick in when those goals are met. Anyone who is responsible for a line item in the financial statements of a business organization is routinely given budget versus actual reports, and they are then expected to take action to address any adverse discrepancies. A budget committee also keeps a close eye on the company’s performance and informs managers whenever actual results seem to be lagging behind projections.

Business Budgeting Software for Small Business

Rabio as a business budgeting software is designed with small business in mind. Instead of using complicated project management software, Rabio can handle budgeting and cost control procedures inside small companies who want a lite, rapid and easy to use open source software.

Team members within a small company organization can now work on tasks and projects together, all in one place as Rabio offers online control for budgeting, actual costs, earned value management etc. With Rabio you can set multiple projects and get detailed performance reports and help you business to get things done and grow with no limits.

Budgeting Control with Rabio

No matter how you manage budget control for your projects Rabio can help with the Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS). You can fully customize each project using Cost Centers and Cost Categories and perform budget control, costs, earned value, forecast and any other small business aspect necesssary.

Rabio is helping small businesses with it’s open source approach by having no restrictions on users, number of projects or size. You can try Rabio on your small business to 100% free and see if it can fit on your needs.

Rabio Business Bugdeting Software Demo Projects

You can check the Rabio demo projects that are available online 24/7:

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