Rabio WP Grid for WordPress

What is Rabio WP Grid?

Rabio WP Grid is a simple grid that retrieves all publisehd posts from a wordpress blog database. It was developed using PHP and Bootstrap as an alternative way for wordpress blogs to present posts.

It comes with search capabilites for :

Simple Grid for Headless WordPress Blogs

It was developed to be used as an alternative way for presenting blog posts to visitors or administrators of a wordpress blog.

Please note that this is not a wordpress plugin. It is a standalone utility software that connects directly to a wordpress database without making any changes.
It was developed using PHP and Bootstrap based on the query – view pages of Rabio Busines Information Organizer.

Rabio WP Grid php bootstrap grid headless wordpress
Rabio WP Grid Headless WordPress

In simple terms Rabio WP Grid is a utility for Headless WordPress as it operates directly with the WordPress CMS Database.

Rabio WP Grid is free

Rabio WP Grid is free. You can download it from SourceForge.net

Download Rabio-WP-Grid

Rabio WP Grid Preview

A preview is available for Rabio’s blog on https://wpgrid.rabio.eu

An installation on Byte12.com blog is available here https://wpgrid.byte12.com

An installation on Olimpos.eu blog is available here https://olimpos.eu/wpdx/

Rabio WP Grid Screenshot

rabio wp grid alternative viewer for headless wordpress blog posts
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