Covid-19 Statistics

Covid-19 Statistics

For a long time Rabio is presenting statistics reports for Covid-19 (Corona Virus). Reports are available with the latest available data which are updated  using data provided weekly from EU Open Data Portal and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

Covid-19 Data Processing Project in Rabio Demo

All data are available through the Rabio demo system. A project is created using data for Covid-19. To get access to the demo please send us an email at

Data are uploaded and organized using Rabio’s data structure using managers, center & categories.

Covid-19 project is organized bases on 3 managers which are:

  • Population
  • Cases
  • Losses

Centers are all the countries and as groups of countries are continents.

Covid-19 Reports

There are six reports available.

  • The first report is a summary report with statistics summaries per country.
  • The second report presents detailed charts and statistics per country for all the period that Covid-19 is reported.
  • The third report is a chart presenting Cases per Country
  • The fourth report is a chart presenting Cases per Million
  • The fifth report is a chart presenting Losses per Country
  • The sixth report is a chart presenting Losses per Million

Covid-19 reports list (click to view)

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