Data Processing for Project Management

In this post, we are going to see how Rabio can help in data processing while being part o a project.

What is Data Processing?

In Wikipedia’s article you can also find a definition of Data Processing which is:

Data processing is, generally, “the collection and manipulation of items of data to produce meaningful information.”

How Rabio can help Project Management with Data Processing?

Rabio is a lite and flexible web system that can be part of a project by gathering and processing data for a wide range of financial activities.

The strength of the database backend can be the main data system that will gather and host valuable information data. As a data processing system, it provides project management with high-quality reports.

Rabio can help in the data processing for project management as:

  • Cost Control Data System: Rabio can be the main data system for cost control data. A cost control department can rely on Rabio for data processing. Cost control management and project management can be sure that will have reliable and accurate data during the development of a project. See more here
  • Equipment Cost Management: during the development of almost any project, equipment is involved and it is composed of a variety of vehicles, tools, and machinery. Rabio can control activities related to equipment and give detailed or summarized reports helping project management to control equipment-related costs and take critical decisions. See more here
  • Inventory – Store Management: the structure of Rabio is based on categories that are able to measure quantities per center and per category. According to the setup of a project Rabio can be used to record:
    • Delivered Quantities
    • Consumption Quantities
    • Remaining Quantities (Stock)

For Inventory – Store Management see more here

Data Processing for Project Management
Data Processing for Project Management

Finally, Rabio can be part of a project as an information data source where other tools can not cover. With its powerful data processing capabilities, the user-friendly environment, and the flexible user-role system Rabio can be part of a project adding value to project management decision making.

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