What is Rabio Docs?

For sure there are many solutions for writing documents online. Big names like Google Docs, Office 365 as full cloud solution or other solutions to operate on the local intranet of your company or organization.

But if you need a light and simple web document editor for your business, a writer that can be used to save and print documents or just simply keep some notes and share them among your network or keep them private for you, then Rabio Docs can be that solution.

Rabio Docs is a simple web document editor. It is powered by Rabio back end engine and by using a simple browser users are able to write documents, print them, share them as public or share them along with other users or keep them private.

Using a simple web environment and easy to use web editor like Summernote, any registered user can write documents, save them on the database, print them or share them across other registered users.

It comes with three different access levels which are :

  • Administrator (full access)
  • Editor (limited access)
  • Viewer (restricted access)

Rabio Docs was developed using PHP, Bootstrap and MySql

Rabio – Docs is opensource and free

Yes Rabio Docs is free. It is an open source project and you can download it for free from SourceForce.net

Rabio Docs Screenshots

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