Rabio Pro

Rabio is available for free as an open source software system. It is available for download from Sourceforge

Rabio Pro Edition

Rabio Pro is the professional edition of the software. It comes with extra reports & views and extra functions.

Reports in Rabio Pro

  • Centers-Categories Totals
  • Categories-Centers Totals
  • Centers Costs
  • Categories Costs
  • Tags Costs
  • Monthly Report

Views in Rabio Pro

  • Cost Totals View
  • Stock View (if enabled)
  • Cost Geo Chart
  • Analytics

Functions in Rabio Pro

  • data export to xml & csv
  • file uploading function
  • contributor user
  • cost center limitation per user
  • cost categories limitation per user
  • Calculated Columns
    • (+) Addition
    • (-) Deduction
    • (*) Multiplication
    • (/) Division


Rabio Pro comes with an additional plan for support that includes a free support period plan of 3 months.

Open Source vs Pro

RabioOpen SourcePro
Unlimited Projects
User Control
User Data Control
Geo Chart
Advanced Reports
Advanced Views
Gantt Chart
Data Export
User Analytics
Admin Report

Interested for Rabio Pro?

If you are interested in the Pro Edition of Rabio you can contact us by filling the form below.

    rabio pro

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