Construction Demo Project

Rabio comes with an online demo available 24/7 and free for everyone who wants to check the basics of how it works.

Right now the demo includes projects which are easy to understand and operate. In this post, we are going to check on the Construction Demo projects.

construction cost control

Construction Project

Creating a demo for a construction project is not an easy task. Construction projects in most cases are complicated including a lot of different scopes to complete and thousands of problems that need to be solved.

No matter the size of the construction project the need to control it is necessary. Tons of data are around and a procedure needs to be followed. The center of all this is a cost control procedure and this is what comes next on this post.

Cost Control Procedure

In general, cost control is the procedure to identify and reduce business expenses to increase profits. Cost control starts with the budgeting process. In a construction project, the cost control department needs to be there and follow a cost control procedure. The task for the cost control department and for management of the project is to compare the project’s actual financial results with the budgeted expectations. If actual costs are higher than planned, management has the information it needs to take action.

Rabio can be the center of data gathering for cost control in a construction project.

Construction Project Demo

bridge construction cost control

The demo project in Rabio is based on a hypothetical bridge construction project.

The scope of the demo project is the construction of a bridge with 2 separate lanes (north and south) including earthworks, roadworks, and MSS parking areas as direct works.
The duration of the project is 18 months starting from January 2016 until June 2017.

A cost control procudure is followed on this demo project based on Cost Centers (CC) and Cost Type Keys (CTK) following a typical Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS).

Cost Centers Breakdown

Cost centers are allocated to the following groups :

Cost Centers based on the mentioned groups are :

Direct Costs

  • 0100 – NORTHBRIDGE (own works)
  • 0200 – SOUTHBRIDGE (own works)
  • 0300 – EARTHWORKS (own works)
  • 0400 – ROADWORKS (own works)
  • 0500 – MSS PARKING AREA (subcontractor works)

Indirect Costs

  • 1400 – DESIGN
  • 1500 – WORKSHOP

Cost Type Keys

Cost Type Keys are organized to major groups and details like:

  • Concrete
  • Aggregates
  • Steel
  • Diesel

Construction Demos

Rabio demo system comes with two variants for the same project.

Construction Simple

In the simple case the demo construction project includes 4 managers:

  • Budget
  • Actual Costs
  • Earned Value
  • Forecast
Construction Extended

In the extended case the demo construction project includes 6 managers:

  • Budget
  • Agreed VOs
  • Earned Value
  • Actual Costs
  • Forecast
  • Forecast Earned Value

Construction Budgeting Sample Reports

A pdf file with Construction Budgeting Sample Reports based on this demo is available to download here.

Do you need a Gantt Chart for your project?

Rabio has a new feature which makes the creation of a Gantt Chart very easy. Read this post on how to create a Gantt Chart with Rapid Business Information Organizer.

See here how you can easily create Gantt Charts for your projects.

Online Demo

Check out the available demo following the demo instructions here.

construction cost control

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