Using Tags in Rabio

Rabio is using three basic elements to control financial activities. These are centers, categories, and tags. In this article we are going to focus on the use of tags.

Tags Definition

The definition of tags, which are also called metadata can be easily found in Wikipedia’s article. In simple terms, a tag is a keyword or term that is assigned to a piece of information like a database record.

rapid business information organizer tags

Tags in Rabio

In Rabio users can add tags to their records for budget, costs, etc along with centers & categories. However, while centers & categories cover specific ranges according to the predefined structure, tags are smaller in scope and focused on specific topics. In general tags are keywords used for records that are pointed for a particular reason.

Tags are optional

In Rabio, the user has to select a center and a category for a record as both of them are necessary. However, tags are not automatically added to records unless a user adds them, which makes them completely optional, but there is no limit as to how many you can add.

Tag reporting

Tags are used for reporting in Rabio. Using them users can track records that are grouped based on tags. An easy example is when users want to associate cost records with different suppliers. Using tags it is easy to track different suppliers for various cost records and Rabio can report detailed records and summary reports for every supplier.

rabio tag reporting
Rabio Tag Reporting
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