User Interface

Rabio is an application developed for financial environment with the use of a database for data handling. The user interface is easy to follow and operate by users.

Main Menu

The main menu of Rabio is based on a full screen navigation solution as seen in the image below.

Full Screen Navigation Menu
Full Screen Navigation Menu

The choices are available to each user according to role permissions and restrictions. In Rabio there are four major categories of menu choices which are:

  • STRUCTURE (available to administrators and editors, not available to viewers)


Forms are used in a Rabio to handle data from database. Using them the user can communicate directly with data, add new, update, edit or delete them according to user role permissions. A typical form environment in Rabio is like in the image below.

Data Form
Rabio Data Form

Forms are having an easy to use environment where search is available on the top and data is shown below. New records can be added and existing records can be edited (update) or deleted.

In top of every form it is available a sub menu which is a navbar with drop down choices. All choices of main menu are available on the drop down menu. User can also jump to main menu by clicking on Menu which is located on the top left of the screen.


Reports are designed to present data on paper. All reports are called through special forms which are used to pass parameters to reports. A typical parameter form is like in the image below.

parameter form for reports
Reports Parameter Form

All reports are shown on screen and user is able to view or print them.


Views are designed to present enriched data on screen. Some of the views are called through parameter forms and are shown on screen presenting data enriched with charts or links that present sub-reports.

Center Progress Report - Main View with chart
Center Progress Report – Main View with chart
Center Progress Report - Secondary View with detail on a center
Center Progress Report – Secondary View with detail on a center

Others views are showing data in a form view which is powered by a special query. In these cases only search is available to users.

Cost Totals View
Cost Totals View

Everything is there!

The design of Rabio user interface was focused on thing, to be friendly to users. The full screen navigation main menu gives the ability to users to follow everything on Rabio without having to spend time on trying to find choices. Everything is there!

Try the demo

Check the available online demo of Rabio where you can check the user interface.

For more information on how to access the demo, please do visit

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