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Rapid Business Information Organizer (Rabio) is a data analysis system. The main focus is the recording of budget and costs and the presentation of data through high-quality analysis reports. The flexibility of Rabio gives the advantage to extend and operate as a Warehouse Management software data system. Using the internal system of counting quantities Rabio can report delivered, sent (or sold), and remaining quantities (or stock).

Unit Measures

While using Cost Categories to record budget and costs in Rabio, it is available the recording of quantities. This is able because every category is optionally assigned with a unit measure which can be:

  • tons (TN)
  • kilograms (KG)
  • meters (M)
  • square meters (M2)
  • cubic meters (M3)
  • piece (PC)
  • or any other

Unit Costs

If unit measures are assigned to categories, then when recording budget, costs or any other, Rabio recognizes and calculates the unit cost based on a division between amount and quantity of each record.

Remaining Quantities (Stock)

Stock in a Warehouse Management system is the remaining quantities. For every project, Rabio is able to report the remaining quantities through a flexible and easy to use Stock View as seems in the image below

warehouse management stock view
Quantities Stock View

Warehouse Management Demo Project

Rabio comes with an online demo which is available 24/7.
A Warehouse Management Demo Project is available to check online.
You can find more information for the Store Management Demo Project here.

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Warehouse Management System

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