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Rapid Business Information Organizer is a  software  platform designed to organize projects and control their financial activities like budget, costs, earned value, forecast, projection etc.


Budget & Cost Control

Take control of budget and costs using Rabio with the flexible Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) of cost centers, cost categories and the adition of tags.

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Data Processing

When it comes to financial data processing, the flexible structure of Rabio can easily integrate with various data sources, manipulate data and produce accurate reports.


Responsive Design

Using the latest web technology Rabio can easily be accesed from any desktop, laptop or mobile device.


Easy, Fast & Flexible

Rabio was designed to be Easy, Fast & Flexible.

Easy user access and operations.

Fast adoption in modern business digital environmnent.

Flexibility that can extend the systems capabilities according to the unique enviroment of your business.

Data Structure

Rabio ‘s back-end structure is able to controll financial activities like budget & costs  based on a flexilble data cross checking system.

Using centers, categories and optionally tags makes it easy to control any project and report in detail .


Rabio is using centers for the manageable sections of projects.


Categories are implemented in all transactions for all reusable elements of budget or costs of Centers.


Tags can give a new approach on financial activities reporting.

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Free Trial

We offer a free trial of Rabio for a period of 60 days. During the free trial period the system is fully functional for anyone who wants to try our system.

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The developer


Stefanos Gkoutziantamis

Software Design, Development & Support

Stefanos is an experienced software developer and database analyst specialized in financial and cost control business sector.

Email : admin@rabio.eu 

Rabio Blog

Check out the latest news of Rabio’s development team.

Using Tags in Rabio

Rabio is using three basic elements to control financial activities. These are centers, categories, and tags. In this article we are going to focus on the use of tags. Tags[…]

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User System, Roles & Permissions

Rabio comes with a user role management system which defines what a user can and cannot do. These user roles and permissions are essential as Rabio grows in an installation.[…]

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June 15, 2020 0

User Interface

Rabio is an application developed for financial environment with the use of a database for data handling. The user interface is easy to follow and operate by users. Main Menu[…]

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June 5, 2020 0

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