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Rapid Business Information Organizer

Open Source Budgeting Software

open-source budgeting software


Rapid Business Information Organizer is an open-source budgeting software designed to organize projects and control their financial activities like budgetcostsearned value, forecast, projection, etc. in a simple and light software platform.



Take control of your budget using Rabio with the flexible Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) of cost centers, cost categories, and the addition of tags.

Cost Control

Cost Control

Manage your Cost Control operations using Rabio data structure and flexible reporting system.

project management

Project Management

When it comes to data processing for project management, the flexible structure of Rabio can easily integrate with various data sources, manipulate data and produce accurate reports.

open source

Open Source Software

Rabio is open source and it is distributed for free under the GPLv3 license.

gant chart

Easy Gantt Chart

Do you need a Gantt Chart for your project?
Rabio has a feature for easy Gantt Chart development

live demo budgeting software

Live Demo

Check Rabio using the online demo, available 24/7.

Easy, Fast & Flexible

Rabio was designed to be Easy, Fast & Flexible.

Easy user access and operations.

Fast adoption in modern business digital environment.

Flexibility that can extend the systems capabilities according to the unique environment of your business.

Open Source Budgeting Software

Rabio is an open source budgeting software solution. Based on a flexilble cost breakdown structure, Rabio can help you control financial activities like budget & costsUsing centers, categories and optionally tags makes it easy to control any project and report in detail .

Rabio Data Structure

rabio business budget cost control software


Rabio is using centers for the manageable sections of projects.

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rabio business budget cost control software


Categories are implemented in all transactions for all reusable elements of budget or costs of Centers.

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rabio business budget cost control software


Tags can give a new approach on financial activities reporting.

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